BOSS International Mid-Year Blast Iconic Reveal: Bigger, Better, Stronger BOSS!

BOSS Network from the start has defied the norms, it was never going to be your usual network marketing company. In less than two years, BOSS Network has gone international, and this means in another continent, Africa. To date it has over 60,000 affiliates and has made millionaires out of the ordinary Filipinos. But only Filipinos who dream and actually take action to reach their dreams.

The Mid-Year Blast showcased the company’s growth and strength, too soon and yet timely. The event revealed exciting developments. First, BOSS International celebrated with all BOSStrepreneurs as the top 25 icons were revealed. These icons are proof to BOSS Network’s promise of building success stories across the country and soon across the world.

Second, the President and CEO, Rommel Tabaniag, revealed a strategic partnership with Kaizen Marketing, a powerhouse of direct selling products with Gerald Rivas as the Vice President for Marketing. With the product line expansion, BOSS International is set to be unstoppable towards the direction of international growth.

Third, the most exciting part of the Iconic Reveal is the new complan called “Ultimate Binary” that would propel all BOSStrepreneurs to also make intense earnings while they contribute to the company’s growth.

Finally, the reveal of the BOSS ATM Card further sealed that BOSS International is indeed a company that guarantees a brighter future ahead for all who dreams and takes the steps towards their dream.

With these iconic reveals, BOSS International proves it is indeed bigger, better, and stronger. This is all possible with the BOSStrepreneurs as the pillar and spearheaded by the President. The Mid-Year Blast was a huge success celebrating BOSS International with all of you who keeps trusting and believing. More important, it was a loud call to earn more and continue to be the BOSS!