“Odors have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will.”

-Patrick Süskind

Smell like you mean business!

Get that “boss” scent with BOSS Fragrance Collection for the Big Boss and Lady Boss. Made by the finest chemists and with best ingredients from none other than the perfume capital of the world, Grasse in France. These qualities make the perfume collection lasts for up to two days.

The Big Boss collection has five colognes ranging from versatile aroma to the woody masculine scent. Big Boss 1 is best for night outs with its crisp fruity and woody smell, you can groove like you own the world. Wear Big Boss 2 and Big Boss 4 during the day and you will be treated like a boss with their spicy aquatic scent. For the serious types, Big Boss 3 will surely express your tough and romantic side with its intensely masculine scent. The Big Boss 5 is for men with highly physical lifestyle, it would keep you smelling fresh even after the hard work.

The Lady Boss collection has five perfume ranging from floral to citrus scent. The Lady Boss collection is inspired by the most popular scents that women like. Lady Boss 1 and 4 have a rosy scent and perfect for everyday use. The vanilla scent of Lady Boss 2 is also a daily choice for ladies who like it sweeter. The Lady Boss 3 is a mix of citrus and floral scents, it’s perfect for an active lifestyle. For an exotic smell, Lady Boss 5 has a mixture of floral and woody scent that makes it perfect for evening dinners and events.

Avail of one of our packages and experience the BOSS effect of our perfume product line.

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